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20130123Apple revenue, iPhone sales disappoint; shares dive - Reuters
20130123Tim Cook dances around the Apple TV question -- again - CNET
20130123Apple revenue, iPhone sales disappoint; shares dive
20130123ITC to review Apple patent complaint against Samsung
The price of information overload GCN
Expanded Internet views from Google’s new digs GCN
20130123Diet Shaped Dog DomesticationScience/AAAS
20130123Half a Million DVDs in Your DNAScience/AAAS
20130123Seven days: 18–24 January 2013nature
20130123Greenland defied ancient warmingnature
20130123Ever feel like you forgot to do something important?reddit
20130123Top 500 AMAs (on /r/IAmA)reddit
20130123Alan Cox: Fedora 18 "The Worst Red Hat Distro," Switches To UbuntuSlashdot
20130123The Mobile App Design Tail Wags the Desktop Software Design DogSlashdot
20130123Report: 22-Year-Old Gets Job At San Francisco WebsiteTechCrunch
20130123Apple’s Tim Cook Sees “Huge Opportunity” For iPad In Mac CannibalizationTechCrunch
20130123Apple's smartphone and tablet shipments by quarterNewsvine
20130123Apple's profit rocket hits air pocketNewsvine
20130123Moratorium Over, Scientists Will Restart Avian Flu Research Technology Review
20130123What New Ideas Does Google Have Brewing At Motorola? Technology Review
20090101A new year, a new Linux.comNewsForge
20081231Android-powered G1 phone is an enticing platform for app developersNewsForge
20130123'Dell dude': I can save Dell, dudec|net
20130123Tim Cook dances around Apple TV question -- againc|net
20130122French Twitter Lawsuit Pits Free Speech Against Hate Speechnpr
20130122This Defense Contractor Has A Green Sidenpr
20130123Apple revenues miss expectationsBBC
20130123First Firefox smartphones revealedBBC
20130123App Smart: Exploring the Many Options That Make Recording EasyNew York Times
20130123Media Decoder Blog: Adding Subscribers, Netflix Posts Surprise ProfitNew York Times
20110322 NYC judge rejects Google settlement with authors, publishers over firm's huge digital library washingtonpost
20110322 AT&T, T-Mobile merger blasted washingtonpost
Facebook zooms past Google Maps to become the most used phone app in the UScsmonitor
Sony PlayStation 4 will get touch controller, heavy-duty CPU: report csmonitor
20090513Clean Tech Open: Executive Summary SeminarPARC
20090515PARC Forum: No forum this weekPARC
20130104The Future According to MicrosoftMicrosoft Research
20081213Seadragon Goes MobileMicrosoft Labs
20130123Chip Shot: Intel Capital Invests In Mobile Application Management PioneerIntel Research
20130123Chip Shot: Intel Among Top 100 Most Sustainable CorporationsIntel Research

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