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20130404Geography: Mapping the future with Esri - Los Angeles Times
20130401Scholarships help 'map' geography major's path - NIU Today
Should I Consider Bankruptcy Or Debt Consolidation?BlinkGeo
Is it a Good Idea to Hire a Foreclosure Consultant?BlinkGeo
2013043Interior Releases Progress Report on National Water CensusUSGS
2013043New Software Tool Analyzes Effect of Stream and Lake Levels on Adjacent LandsUSGS
Tournament: Earth 2013 -- and then there were 2!NASA
20130404Registration Opens for NASA Night Rover Energy ChallengeNASA
20111110The OGC's next meeting will be in Brussels 28 November - 2 December OGC
20111107OGC 3DIM honors 3D Pilot NL with OGC 3D awardOGC
20130404PITT OHIO Adopts Esri's ArcGIS for Transportation AnalyticsGeoConnexion
20130404OceanWise wins Tidal Monitoring, Telemetry and Display System contractGeoConnexion
20130404How To Map with Smartphones, Tablets and Lasers WebcastGISCafe
20130404Interview with Drew Hopwood of Astrium ServicesGISCafe
20130403New CloudMade Offerings Address Challenges of 2013’s Location-based ServicesDirections Magazine
Podcast: How Will You Answer the GeoCloud Computing Call?Location Intelligence
20130404Geography: Mapping the Future with EsriESRI
20130404Well Engineered use of AWS by Recovery and Transparency Board (RATB)ESRI
20100514Archaeologists: Mayans were green builders | Green Tech - CNET NewsPlanningNewsVote
20100512With Lasers and Flyovers, a Solar Map of New York - NYTimes.comPlanningNewsVote

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20130405Hubble spots record-setting supernova from beginning of time - Science Recorder
20130405In Sign of Warming, 1600 Years of Ice in Andes Melted in 25 Years - New York Times
20130404Facebook aims to take centerstage on Android phones
20130404Samsung Electronics estimates first-quarter profit at $7.7 billion, up 53 percent
20130404An Emergency Hatch for Baby LizardsScience/AAAS
20130404ScienceShot: Coral Reef Back From the DeadScience/AAAS
20130404Scientists print self-assembling 'living tissue'nature
20130403If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing twicenature
20130405I'm glad Microsoft's creative director cares about the consumers.reddit
20130405The Chicago Tribune's cartoon tribute to Roger Ebert :'(reddit
20130405Tiny Tentacled Microorganisms Named After CthuluSlashdot
20130405NVIDIA Open-Sources 3D Driver For Tegra SoCsSlashdot
20130405Couldn't Make It To SXSW? Now You Can Learn About Google Glass And The Mirror API On YouTubeTechCrunch
20130405AWS Drops Prices For Windows On-Demand EC2 Instances Up To 26% As Competition IntensifiesTechCrunch
2013045Samsung's operating profit up 53 percent in 1QNewsvine
2013044Text of letter from HP interim chairman WhitworthNewsvine
20130404The Facebook Phone Is Finally Here, but Who Wants It? Technology Review
20130404Do We Need Specialized Hardware for the Deaf?Technology Review
20090101A new year, a new Linux.comNewsForge
20081231Android-powered G1 phone is an enticing platform for app developersNewsForge
20130405Hey HP board, how do you like them Apples?c|net
20130405NASA puts Mars rover on a month-long hiatusc|net
20130404Reports: Hewlett-Packard's Chairman Will Step Aside npr
20130404Dear Netflix, We Can't Hear You! Signed, 50 Million Americansnpr
20130404Facebook releases Android 'home'BBC
20130405Libraries to store UK web contentBBC
20130405Bits Blog: Facebook Seeks to Be Mobile ‘Home’ of Android UsersNew York Times
20130405Bits Blog: A Place Where Old Computers Go to LiveNew York Times
20110322 NYC judge rejects Google settlement with authors, publishers over firm's huge digital library washingtonpost
20110322 AT&T, T-Mobile merger blasted washingtonpost
Samsung to open mini-stores in Best Buyscsmonitor
In lieu of a Facebook phone, a new Facebook 'Home' csmonitor
20090513Clean Tech Open: Executive Summary SeminarPARC
20090515PARC Forum: No forum this weekPARC
201304042013 SEIF Awards Support Researchers in Software EngineeringMicrosoft Research
20081213Seadragon Goes MobileMicrosoft Labs
20130403Chip Shot: Performance Boost with New Intel® HD Graphics DriversIntel Research
20130402Chip Shot: OpenCL Developers Kit 2013 Supports OpenCL 1.2 and Future 4th Generation Intel® Core™ ProcessorsIntel Research

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