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20120605Seminar on use of Geographic Information Systems - 7thSpace Interactive (press release)
20120605The GIS Guide to Public Domain Data Explains Sources and Quality of Spatial Data - Spatial News (press release)
Should I Consider Bankruptcy Or Debt Consolidation?BlinkGeo
Is it a Good Idea to Hire a Foreclosure Consultant?BlinkGeo
2012065New Maps for CA, LA and MS Rolling OutUSGS
2012064Media Advisory: USGS to Host Congressional Briefing: Hydraulic Fracturing - The State of the ScienceUSGS
Viewing the Transit of Venus from SpaceNASA
20120606NASA to Host News Teleconference About NuSTAR LaunchNASA
20111110The OGC's next meeting will be in Brussels 28 November - 2 December OGC
20111107OGC 3DIM honors 3D Pilot NL with OGC 3D awardOGC
20120606New Colortrac SmartLF Scanner from ParadigmGeoConnexion
20120606Image Access` New Extended Warranty Conditions .. GeoConnexion
20120606Tech Paper: Making It Work: A Project-Based GIS Training Program for State and Local Health DepartmentsGISCafe
20120606Telops Introduces Hyper-Cam GDI: A Revolutionary Gas Detection, Identification and Imaging System to help Improve Safety in Oil and Gas EnvironmentsGISCafe
20090710North Carolina Completes Broadband MapGeospatial Solutions
20090710MAPPS Names New Directors, OfficersGeospatial Solutions
20120606Ten Things You Should Know About Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)Directions Magazine
Podcast: How Will You Answer the GeoCloud Computing Call?Location Intelligence
20120605Broadband access gap in Iowa shrinking: Connect IowaESRI
20120605Enroute to Health Datapalooza, Esri's Davenhall Sees Opportunity in AppsESRI
20100514Archaeologists: Mayans were green builders | Green Tech - CNET NewsPlanningNewsVote
20100512With Lasers and Flyovers, a Solar Map of New York - NYTimes.comPlanningNewsVote

• Science & Technology::
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20120606Update: LinkedIn Confirms Account Passwords Hacked - PCWorld
20120606Nintendo CEO at E3: 'Meaningful surprise' is name of the game - Los Angeles Times
20120606Nasdaq tries to make amends for Facebook problems
20120606Some LinkedIn passwords stolen, leaked online
The price of information overload GCN
Expanded Internet views from Google’s new digs GCN
20081231Also In The News: Obama and Web 2.0FCW
20081231CIO Council panel details functionsFCW
20120606U.S. Agencies Unveil Competition to Develop Personal Pollution SensorScience/AAAS
20120606Video: Cockroaches and Geckos 'Vanish' With Amazing AcrobaticsScience/AAAS
20120606Turn Spain’s budget crisis into an opportunitynature
20120606Seven days: 1–7 June 2012nature
Stunning Timelapse: Spacecraft Capture the Transit of Venusdigg
New Touchscreen Technology Creates Physical Buttons That Appear/Disappear [VIDEO]digg
20120606Glad I took a short cut through our science building to avoid the rain. Got to see thisreddit
20120606"Newly launched website TakeMyMoneyHBO.com wants to send HBO a clear message: We love your shows. We’re willing to pay to watch them upon release. Now please, for the love of Winterfell, give us a way to do that — without forcing a cable subscription down our throats."reddit
20120606Microsoft To Run Linux On AzureSlashdot
20120606Ask Slashdot: How Long Should Devs Support Software Written For Clients?Slashdot
20120606Facepalm: The Wii U Games We’re Seeing This Week Are Stuck At 720pTechCrunch
20120606Goodbye, Ray BradburyTechCrunch
2012066Oracle unveils suite of 'cloud computing' servicesNewsvine
2012066Going public: Key developments in Facebook's IPONewsvine
20120606Using Parents' Blood to Decode the Genome of a FetusTechnology Review
20120606Google Demos New Maps Features Ahead of Apple AnnouncementTechnology Review
20090101A new year, a new Linux.comNewsForge
20081231Android-powered G1 phone is an enticing platform for app developersNewsForge
20120606Nasdaq: We 'owe the industry an apology' for Facebook flubsc|net
20120606LinkedIn updates apps in response to privacy concernsc|net
20120606IPv6: A New Internet Expands The Web By Trillions Of Addressesnpr
20120606Nasdaq Eyes $40M To Reimburse Facebook Investorsnpr
20120606LinkedIn passwords 'are leaked'BBC
20120606Iran firm 'evades US sanctions'BBC
20120606As Wireless Spectrum Is Squeezed, Sharing Is Seen as SolutionNew York Times
20120606E.U. and Consumer Groups at Odds Over Restricted Net AccessNew York Times
20110322 NYC judge rejects Google settlement with authors, publishers over firm's huge digital library washingtonpost
20110322 AT&T, T-Mobile merger blasted washingtonpost
First drive-in theater: Did you hear the classic Wilhelm scream?csmonitor
E3 2012: Nintendo's 'comeback' gets mixed reviewscsmonitor
20090513Clean Tech Open: Executive Summary SeminarPARC
20090515PARC Forum: No forum this weekPARC
20120606Translation Tools Could Save Less-Used LanguagesMicrosoft Research
20081213Seadragon Goes MobileMicrosoft Labs
20070523100 Percent Lead-Free 45nm Hi-k from Intel CorporationIntel Research
20070426Intel® QuickAssist TechnologyIntel Research

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