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20121217Twin NASA spacecraft deliberately crash into moon - Businessweek
20121217Iran's supreme leader joins Great Satan's No. 1 social network | Internet & Media ... - CNET
20121217U.S. could wrap up Google probe this week: sources
20121217Apple's iPhone 5 starts strong in China but shares pressured
The price of information overload GCN
Expanded Internet views from Google’s new digs GCN
20121217ScienceShot: Who Killed Ramesses III? Science/AAAS
20121217Cloud Forest Trees Drink From the FogScience/AAAS
20121217Russia shakes up its universitiesnature
20121217China’s patent boom brings legal wranglesnature
The Physics of Firewalkingdigg
The hidden iPhone: New photos from early 2006 show Apple's design tinkeringdigg
20121217How our pay-what-you-want holiday pack did, and how we spent the money [INFOGRAPHIC]reddit
20121217Kansans sign petion to classify Westboro Baptist as a hate group and be stripped of tax exempt statusreddit
20121217Open Hardware and Software LaptopSlashdot
20121217NASA On Full Court Press To Deflate Doomsday PropheciesSlashdot
20121217Josh Williams On Why Facebook Acquired His Startup Gowalla To Put A “Nearby” Lens On All Its Geo-DataTechCrunch
20121217Polar Hits 1 Million Votes, Illustrates How To Develop A Truly Successful Mobile-First AppTechCrunch
20121217Going public: Key developments in Facebook's IPONewsvine
20121217Mass. fines Morgan Stanley $5M over Facebook IPONewsvine
20121217Sliding Images Fool Spambots Without Driving You MadTechnology Review
20121217Curing Outer Space InsomniaTechnology Review
20090101A new year, a new Linux.comNewsForge
20081231Android-powered G1 phone is an enticing platform for app developersNewsForge
20121217Nick Kristof live-tweets his Bahrain visa crisisc|net
20121217How to send a Square gift cardc|net
20121217'Fat Fingers' Blamed For Accidental Mobile Ad Clicksnpr
20121210Don't Like The Government? Make Your Own, On International Watersnpr
20121217Wonga offers loans at web checkoutsBBC
20121217The Pi Store opensBBC
20121217E.U. and Google to Discuss Antitrust IssuesNew York Times
20121217News Analysis: Message, if Murky, From U.S. to the WorldNew York Times
20110322 NYC judge rejects Google settlement with authors, publishers over firm's huge digital library washingtonpost
20110322 AT&T, T-Mobile merger blasted washingtonpost
Chinese customers buy 2M iPhone 5s in first weekendcsmonitor
Apple iPhone gets blockbuster weekend, thanks to China csmonitor
20090513Clean Tech Open: Executive Summary SeminarPARC
20090515PARC Forum: No forum this weekPARC
20121214Creating Buzz for Computer ScienceMicrosoft Research
20081213Seadragon Goes MobileMicrosoft Labs
20121217Chip Shot: Intel and DoSomething.org Want Grandparents to Get ConnectedIntel Research
20121217Chip Shot: Intel Lab's Vision on The Future of WorkIntel Research

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