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20090108PhD in GIS: Listeners Respond - DirectionsMag.com
20090130It's Hot But Don't Blame Global Warming - Florida Trend
5:41:33Mount Redoubt Volcano in Alaska Likely to EruptUSGS
2:00:00Tree Deaths Have Doubled Across the Western U.S. -- Regional Warming May be the CauseUSGS
20090130Test in Development of NASA's New Crew Rocket is SuccessfulNASA
20090120Climate Change Integration Plugfest to be launched at FOSS4GOGC
20090115Final Reminder: Please Complete the Business Benefits of Using OGC Standards Survey!OGC
20090129The TETRA World Congress returns to EuropeGeoConnexion
20090128Pitney Bowes Business Insight launchedGeoConnexion
20090130geoXMF Signs Value-Added Reseller Agreement with Laurel Hill GISGISCafe
20090129Information is power - 2009 ESRI Canada Regional User ConferencesGISCafe
20081221Geospatial Weekly, December 21, 2007Geospatial Solutions
20081205Geospatial Weekly, December 5, 2008Geospatial Solutions
20090130Podcast: Interview with Mike Hickey, President, Pitney Bowes Business InsightDirections Magazine
Podcast: Interview with Mike Hickey, President, Pitney Bowes Business InsightLocation Intelligence
20090129Saving Disappearing Place NamesESRI
20090129GIS Best Practices: GIS is a Green TechnologyESRI
20090128A New Look at the Landscaping Artist Roberto Burle Marx - NYTimes.comPlanningNewsVote
20090126A Proposal for National Economic Recovery An Investment in Geospatial Information Infrastructure Building a National GISPlanningNewsVote

• Science & Technology::
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20090130Dell may enter smartphone arena as early as next month - Apple Insider
20090130Insider plot to take down Fannie Mae's servers thwarted - TG Daily
20090130When you watch these ads, the ads check you out (AP)
20090130House set to vote again on analog shutdown delay (AP)
How to Cool the Planet, ManuallyScience/AAAS
Triceratops Horns Aren't Just for ShowScience/AAAS
20090130New Skull Evidence Suggests Dinosaurs Locked Hornsdigg
20090130Google: Our Green Data Centers Got a Lot Greenerdigg
The Energy Scale (pic)reddit
Comcast just told me the reason my connection has been extremely slow is because data travels slower along the cables when it's cold out...is this true?reddit
20090130Comrade, You Are So Not Getting a DellSlashdot
20090130Startup Hopes To Crowd-Source the Developing WorldSlashdot
20090130Chad Hurley, Craig Mundie, and Mark Zuckerberg Talk Mobile At DavosTechCrunch
20090130Fruugo Debuts Closed Beta Of Highly Anticipated Social Shopping ServiceTechCrunch
20090130When you watch these ads, the ads check you outNewsvine
20090130A.H. Belo to lay off 500 workers, 14 percent cutNewsvine
20090130Microsoft Searches for Group AdvantageTechnology Review
20090130New Carbon Nanomaterial Technology Review
20090101A new year, a new Linux.comNewsForge
20081231Android-powered G1 phone is an enticing platform for app developersNewsForge
20090130Daily Tidbits: Presidential Election, Sarah Palin most inquired topics of 2008c|net
20090130YouTube, Facebook founders: We'll endurec|net
20090130Some Technology Leaves The Blind Behindnpr
20090129What's Accessible? Gadgets For The Blind And Deafnpr
20090129Mixed reaction to digital plansBBC
20090130Firms back data protection pledgeBBC
20090130Profit Rises at Amazon as Shoppers Seek DealsNew York Times
20090130Britain Looks to Expand Broadband and Limit PiracyNew York Times
20090129 Senate Once Again Passes Bill to Delay Transition to Digital TV washingtonpost
20090130 Well-Connected Parents Take On School Boards washingtonpost
Horizon highlights – ‘Rethinking the basics’ editioncsmonitor
Microsoft’s Songsmith a YouTube hit machinecsmonitor
20090127Coke Farm: Organic Farmer StandPARC
20090127PARC Forum: Options for Reducing CO2 Emissions in the Electricity SectorPARC
20090122Contrarian Minds: Nicole Yankelovich - Making ConnectionsSun Research
20090120Sun Labs Technical Report:Modeling, Analysis and Throughput Optimization of a Generational Garbage CollectorSun Research
20090127Future Watch: A.I. Comes of AgeMicrosoft Research
20081213Seadragon Goes MobileMicrosoft Labs
20070523100 Percent Lead-Free 45nm Hi-k from Intel CorporationIntel Research
20070426Intel® QuickAssist TechnologyIntel Research

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