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20081126Apple claiming iPhone 3G is 'really fast' deemed false by UK ... - BetaNews
20081126Blockbuster Takes On Netflix, Apple With Direct-To-TV Player - InformationWeek
20081125TiVo reports profit in fiscal 3Q (AP)
20081125Cisco plans 4-day shutdown to cut costs (AP)
The rise of collaboration teams GCN
Resolution is not accuracy GCN
20081126Also in the News: USDA reopens Networx competitionFCW
20081125Also in the News: Agencies overstate savings from competitive sourcingFCW
No Recovery for Atlantic Cod PopulationScience/AAAS
Amoebae Family ValuesScience/AAAS
Wed ov26Greenland gambles on warmer, richer climatenature
20081126Worm Glue Could Repair Human Bonesdigg
20081126IBM Reveals Five Innovations That Will Change Our Lives Soondigg
Strobe Light + Waterfall = Best Effect EVERreddit
Mormon church being investigated for prop-8 contributions "good job, reddit!" as delusional losers sayreddit
20081126Gaming In Sweden Bigger Than Football and HockeySlashdot
20081126Robots Debut In Japanese Theater ProductionSlashdot
20081126SEC Outlines Its Reasoning For Shutting Down P2P Lender ProsperTechCrunch
20081126TechCrunch/LeWeb Party: last tickets availableTechCrunch
20081126Travelers, is there anything to be thankful for?Newsvine
20081126The Day the Botnet DiedNewsvine
20081126How Cells AgeTechnology Review
20081126HP Insight Dynamics - VSE SoftwareTechnology Review
20081126Run your NFS server in the user address space with NFS-GANESHANewsForge
20081126Fedora 10 proves infrastructure matterNewsForge
20081126Images: Photographic marvels in a petri dishc|net
20081126Yahoo BOSS gives partners subject-specific search c|net
20081126Does Google Violate Its 'Don't Be Evil' Motto?npr
20081125Photoshopping Your Problems Out Of The Picturenpr
20081126Apple made to drop iPhone advertBBC
20081126Spam on rise after brief reprieveBBC
20081126DealBook: Bell Canada Says Its Buyout Is in TroubleNew York Times
20081126Digital Sales Surpass CDs at AtlanticNew York Times
20081125 Army Ponies Up $50M to Fund Combat Video Games washingtonpost
20081125 Europe looks at space amid global economic turmoil washingtonpost
Is your game console running? Better go catch it.csmonitor
Political websites: Clocks that never stop.csmonitor
20081110Bay Area MEMS Journal CLUB (BAMJC): MEMS and Bio-Sensing at SRIPARC
20081120Project Darkstar Interview with David JurgensSun Research
20081110Contrarian Minds: Rick Hetherington - Tapestry of InnovationSun Research
20081125Microsoft Examines Causes of ?Cyberchondria?Microsoft Research
20070523100 Percent Lead-Free 45nm Hi-k from Intel CorporationIntel Research
20070426Intel® QuickAssist TechnologyIntel Research

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