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20081121The best thing about the 2.2 iPhone software update - CNET News
20081121Will BlackBerry’s touch-screen gamble pay off? - TelephonyOnline
20081121Broadband makes tiny town an English-teaching hub (AP)
20081121Pentagon bans computer flash drives (AP)
The rise of collaboration teams GCN
Resolution is not accuracy GCN
20081121Burton: Contractors will get more accountabilityFCW
20081121Also in the News: Feds are moving into the cloudFCW
The Waxman ComethScience/AAAS
Dancing Scientists Invade YouTubeScience/AAAS
20081121Einstein's Formula Finally Proven digg
20081121Innovation is the Key to Success During the Econaclypsedigg
Fucking amazing - video of the recent meteor from Edmonton, Canadareddit
Dear Reddit Politics: The election is over, you don't have to send us weekly updates on Palin anymore.reddit
20081121Final Judgment - SCO Loses, Owes $3,506,526Slashdot
20081121How To Help Our Public Schools With Technology?Slashdot
20081121SEC Gives Facebook The Greenlight To Go Beyond 500 Shareholders Without Going PublicTechCrunch
20081121Breaking: Yahoo Finally Sells Off KelkooTechCrunch
20081121Broadband makes tiny town an English-teaching hubNewsvine
20081121Microsoft exec: No job cuts hereNewsvine
20081121Electricity from Waste HeatTechnology Review
20081121A Weed-Powered Passenger JetTechnology Review
20081121SimplyMEPIS: The best desktop Linux you haven't triedNewsForge
20081121A graphical way to MySQL masteryNewsForge
20081121CNET News Daily Podcast: When live, online video goes too farc|net
20081121Video: Daily Debrief: The shrinking CESc|net
20081121Take A Ride In A Car Of The Futurenpr
20081121Can Plug-in Cars Energize The Auto Industry?npr
20081121IBM to build brain-like computersBBC
20081121Online time 'is good for teens'BBC
20081121Europeana Goes Online and Is Then OverwhelmedNew York Times
20081121Cost Cutting Helps Dell Profit Exceed ForecastsNew York Times
20081121 Verizon Staff Viewed Obama's Account washingtonpost
20081121 Security Fix Live washingtonpost
Horizon highlights – Planning ahead editioncsmonitor
No more parking ticketscsmonitor
20081110Bay Area MEMS Journal CLUB (BAMJC): MEMS and Bio-Sensing at SRIPARC
20081110Contrarian Minds: Rick Hetherington - Tapestry of InnovationSun Research
20081105The 50 Best Inventions of the Year 2008 - 30. The Internet Of ThingsSun Research
20081118Microsoft Research and Disney?Pixar?s WALL?E Explore the Real UniverseMicrosoft Research
20070523100 Percent Lead-Free 45nm Hi-k from Intel CorporationIntel Research
20070426Intel® QuickAssist TechnologyIntel Research

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