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20080615Study: Americans use Net to look beyond sound bite (AP)
20080614Training helps bloggers hone professionalism (AP)
Googling does a brain bad? GCN
Wolf warns lawmakers about cyberattacks GCN
20070926DISA on the lookout for unknown technologiesFCW
20070925Air Force names Lord to lead Cyber CommandFCW
Ancient Palm Resurrected from 2000-Year-Old SeedScience/AAAS
The Ozone Layer's Unwelcome Return?Science/AAAS
20070530Skimmed milk, Straight from cowdigg
20070530World's largest MP3 store launchesdigg
20080616A Sargent Suicides in Iraq: takes out a pistol and, after shouting, "Fuck this!", kills himself right in front of his men. Now, his platoon is in mutiny.reddit
20080616Reddit Alien made in Spore [PIC]reddit
20080616Trending Low-Volume Google Searches with GootrudeSlashdot
20080616Bezos Buries Patent Office in PaperSlashdot
20080616TheFunded Goes From Criticizing VCs to Helping Members Court ThemTechCrunch
20080616Will 2008 Be Google?s End Of Innocence?TechCrunch
20080615Study: Americans use Net to look beyond sound biteNewsvine
20080616Honda makes first Hydrogen Powered cars available to the public.Newsvine
20080616Online Medical Advice Goes SocialTechnology Review
20080616Paper Gets a Nano MakeoverTechnology Review
20080616Firefox extensions to bring back the deadNewsForge
20080615Ask Linux.com: automounting NTFS, hidden directories, and macro recordersNewsForge
20080616Google Docs talks PDF, but needs improvementc|net
20080616Microsoft: Ask us for driving directionsc|net
20080616Is the Internet Changing the Way We Think?npr
20080616E-Mail Sins, Horror Stories and Strategiesnpr
20080616UK hacker's case before Law LordsBBC
20080616Blogger arrests hit record highBBC
20080616F.C.C. Chief Backs XM-Sirius DealNew York Times
20080616MySpace Might Have Friends, but It Wants Ad MoneyNew York Times
20080616 Intelligence Agency Joins U-Md. Research Center washingtonpost
20080616 FCC Chair To Support XM-Sirius Merger washingtonpost
20080613RepairPal.com – your autobody insidercsmonitor
20080613Ancient, icy animal burrowscsmonitor
20080604Association for Women in Science (AWIS): Develop contacts, work on networking skills, and perfect your elevator pitchPARC
20080609Bay Area MEMS Journal CLUB (BAMJC): Micro-Fabricated Silicon Devices for Applications in BiosciencesPARC
20080613Contrarian Minds: Olaf Manczak - Pain RelieverSun Research
20080609Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing Introduces New Hardware Track at 2008 ConferenceSun Research
20080612Association for Computing Machinery Honors Randy Wang and Digital Study Hall Team for Using Community-Generated Video to Improve Education in IndiaMicrosoft Research
20080310Live Labs' Jeff Weir wins South by Southwest Web AwardMicrosoft Labs
20070523100 Percent Lead-Free 45nm Hi-k from Intel CorporationIntel Research
20070426Intel® QuickAssist TechnologyIntel Research

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