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20080710Yahoo opens search toolkit in quest for more ads (AP)
20080709Amid hype, Apple iPhone expansion also runs risks (AP)
Microsoft Exchange on Linux?!? GCN
SNMP not bedeviled after all GCN
20080710E-records preservation bill passes HouseFCW
20080709Interior faulted on small-business contractsFCW
Tropical Biofuels Getting Less and Less GreenScience/AAAS
A Trickle on the MoonScience/AAAS
20070530Skimmed milk, Straight from cowdigg
20070530World's largest MP3 store launchesdigg
20080710"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklinreddit
20080710Upvote if you have lost faith in the US governmentreddit
20080710Linux Alternatives To Apple's ApertureSlashdot
20080710Google Lively ReviewSlashdot
20080710iPhone Application Overview And Demo VideosTechCrunch
20080710Synthasite Launches New Interface To Simplify WYSIWYG Site CreationTechCrunch
20080710Apple iPhone debuts to lines in Japan, elsewhereNewsvine
20080710Yahoo opens search toolkit in quest for more adsNewsvine
20080710Mapping Infectious DiseasesTechnology Review
20080710Assembling NanotubesTechnology Review
20080710For those "oops" moments: ext3undelNewsForge
20080710Monitoring network performance with GNetWatchNewsForge
20080710Fox's Photobucket launches iPhone app, teams up with IAC's Askc|net
20080710So Larry Page, Sue Decker, Terry Semel and Bill Miller go into a bar...c|net
20080710Congress Members Fight For The Right To Twitternpr
20080709'Marketplace' Report: It Pays To Spy Onlinenpr
20080710Net address fix foxes web usersBBC
20080710Mobile web reaches critical massBBC
20080710Yahoo Is Inviting Partners to Build on Its Search PowerNew York Times
20080710Apple?s Latest Opens a Developers? PlaygroundNew York Times
20080710 Address Book Programs Need to Network to Get Ahead washingtonpost
20080710 Senate Grapples With Web Privacy Issues washingtonpost
20080710Ancient Indian basin beat the coldcsmonitor
20080710BP creates a greener place to pump gascsmonitor
20080618PARC Forum: The Physical Environment - The Interface We Move ThroughPARC
20080630Wireless Communications Alliance (WCA) CenterStage: Next-Generation Mobile Broadband - The 4G SummitPARC
20080626STRUCTURE 08: Sun's CTO Greg PapadopoulosSun Research
20080626Sun Labs Technical Report: The Energy Cost of SSL in Deeply Embedded SystemsSun Research
20080703In Search of Contracts in SoftwareMicrosoft Research
20080310Live Labs' Jeff Weir wins South by Southwest Web AwardMicrosoft Labs
20070523100 Percent Lead-Free 45nm Hi-k from Intel CorporationIntel Research
20070426Intel® QuickAssist TechnologyIntel Research

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