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20081209Primus Geographics - GISuser.com (press release)
20081205Grade-schoolers explore the world in MU's Geo-Graphics lab - Lancaster Newspapers
20080813An Update on BlinkGeoBlinkGeo
20080812Fire Eagle Goes PublicBlinkGeo
10:00:00Man-Made Chemicals Found in Drinking Water at Low LevelsUSGS
6:15:00Media Advisory: Man-Made Chemicals Found in Drinking Water at Low LevelsUSGS
Sidoarjo Mud Flow, IndonesiaNASA
20081210International Space Station 2009 Calendar Available OnlineNASA
20081210Successful OGC Interoperability Day Held in Orleans, FranceOGC
20081208GeoVirtual Takes Strategic Membership in the OGCOGC
20081209ERDAS Extending ArcGIS Extension OfferingsGeoConnexion
20081209Blue Marble Geographics Blue Marble Desktop 1.1GeoConnexion
20081210NAVTEQ Awards Enterprise Reseller Agreement in Brazil to SANTIAGO & CINTRA CONSULTORIAGISCafe
20081210Advancement in Geospatial Technology, Market Forecasts and Keynote from Google Highlight MAPPS 2009 Winter Conference ProgramGISCafe
20081205Geospatial Weekly, December 5, 2008Geospatial Solutions
20081126Geospatial Weekly, November 26, 2008Geospatial Solutions
20081209Podcast: The GIS PhD DilemmaDirections Magazine
Podcast: The GIS PhD DilemmaLocation Intelligence
2008129Free Live Training Seminar: Introduction to ArcGIS Data InteroperabilityESRI
2008129Instructional Series Podcast: Creating Desktop and Workgroup GeodatabasesESRI
20081201Mixed-Use Project Plans Move Forward After a 20-Year Purchase - washingtonpost.comPlanningNewsVote
20081121Obama Wrote Federal Staffers About His Goals - washingtonpost.comPlanningNewsVote

• Science & Technology::
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20081210PlayStation Home Service Launches Thursday - PC Magazine
20081210Open Handset Alliance expands with 14 new members - Ars Technica
20081210GPS, hidden cameras watching over Baby Jesus (AP)
20081210Web site charts shortcuts through voice menus (AP)
Expanded Internet views from Google’s new digs GCN
The rise of collaboration teams GCN
20081209GAO: IRS hasn't evaluated data-sharing programFCW
20081209Report: Contractors should get more oversightFCW
A One-Two Punch Against Sleeping SicknessScience/AAAS
A Dime-Store Dipstick for Diphtheria Science/AAAS
Wed ec10France cracks down on Iranian scientistsnature
Wed ec10Feathers fly over Hawaiian birdnature
200812102 + 2 = major anxiety: Math performance in stress situationsdigg
20081210Top 10 Consumer Web Apps of 2008digg
So my flatmate receives an innocent email from his dentist with the screenshot of the dental plan. Hold on...reddit
"No software is free and spreading that misconception is harmful."reddit
20081210Enterprise 2.0Slashdot
20081210Nintendo To Start Publishing Ebooks On the DSSlashdot
20081210Android Market May Be Getting Ringtones, Wallpapers, and Google CheckoutTechCrunch
20081210Just Got Fired From Yahoo? Have A Taco.TechCrunch
20081210Massive World War II collection debuts onlineNewsvine
20081210Major software fixes to Storm madeNewsvine
20081210Are Social Networks Sinking?Technology Review
20081210Better Control for Fusion PowerTechnology Review
20081210Programming GNOME applications with ValaNewsForge
20081209Funambol's CEO sees AGPL as essential for FOSS in cloud computing's futureNewsForge
20081210Yahoo pink slips litter campus, recruiters circling above c|net
20081210New Canon SLR bumps Sony on sensor testc|net
20081208Webcams Offer View To Another Worldnpr
20081208Loved Ones Connect Long-Distance With Webcamsnpr
20081210Google tells us what we look for BBC
20081210Spore at top of the piracy chartsBBC
20081210Electronic Arts Forecasts Weaker Profit in 2009New York Times
20081210About New York: What the Search Engines Have Found Out About All of UsNew York Times
20081210 Live From Iceland, or Possibly Greenland, It's the DipNote Tweet Show! washingtonpost
20081209 DVD and Blu-ray Holiday Gifts washingtonpost
Google doubles Street View coveragecsmonitor
The future of search: Do you ask Google or the gaggle?csmonitor
20081203Silicon Valley Photovoltaics Society (SVPVS): "Bringing PV to Market? Want to Make a Federal Case of it?"PARC
20081118PARC Forum: "What is Computation?"PARC
20081209Forty Years of the PCSun Research
20081202Contrarian Minds: Chris Oliver - Mind-Bendingly Cool InnovationSun Research
20081205Indiana University Partners with IEEE and Microsoft to Host International Science Technology Conference and WorkshopMicrosoft Research
20070523100 Percent Lead-Free 45nm Hi-k from Intel CorporationIntel Research
20070426Intel® QuickAssist TechnologyIntel Research

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