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20081127Cary Institue hosts GPS scavenger hunt and lecture on GIS technology - MIllbrook Voice Ledger
20081120How geography, and GIS technology makes a difference - Maryville Daily Forum
20080813An Update on BlinkGeoBlinkGeo
20080812Fire Eagle Goes PublicBlinkGeo
11:58:52Getting Warmer? Prehistoric Climate Can Help Forecast Future ChangesUSGS
7:51:03Pecora Award Recognizes Stellar Achievements in Earth ObservationUSGS
Cities of the Dead, Nile River Delta, EgyptNASA
20081130NASA's Shuttle Endeavour Glides Home After Successful MissionNASA
20081124GeoConnections Releases CGDI Interoperability Pilot Demo VideoOGC
20081124OGC Members Demo Sensor Web Interoperability at Oceans ConferenceOGC
20081201ESRI Press Updates - ArcGIS 9.3 Software ReleaseGeoConnexion
20081201TopconÂ’s X-TRAC 7 technology advances roboticsGeoConnexion
20081201Acquisition creates one of the largest Surveying and Mapping Operations in U.S.GISCafe
20081201GeoConnections Releases CGDI Interoperability Pilot Demo VideoGISCafe
20081121Geospatial Weekly, November 14, 2008Geospatial Solutions
20081114Geospatial Weekly, November 14, 2008Geospatial Solutions
20081124Podcast: Geo and the Worldwide Economic DownturnDirections Magazine
Podcast: Geo and the Worldwide Economic DownturnLocation Intelligence
20081125Alameda County Registrar of Voters Improves Election Processes with ESRI's GISESRI
20081125Utilities Charged Up to Deal with ChangeESRI
20081201Mixed-Use Project Plans Move Forward After a 20-Year Purchase - washingtonpost.comPlanningNewsVote
20081121Obama Wrote Federal Staffers About His Goals - washingtonpost.comPlanningNewsVote

• Science & Technology::
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20081201As Endeavour Lands, NASA Preps For Next Shuttle Mission - InformationWeek
20081201Australians See Smiley Face in Night Sky - FOXNews
20081130Fuel-cell powered devices getting closer (AP)
20081128Shoppers cautious with gadget buys on Black Friday (AP)
The rise of collaboration teams GCN
Resolution is not accuracy GCN
20081201IG: TSA needs better policies for catching insider criminalsFCW
20081128Also in the News: DOD targeted by widespread malwareFCW
The Catch-22 of AgingScience/AAAS
Most Planets May Be Seeded With LifeScience/AAAS
Mon ec01UNAIDS chief prepares to pass the torchnature
20081201Survey Finds that more Believe in the Supernatural than Goddigg
20081201Study Finds Internet Searches Boost Braindigg
Eagles subjected to chicken torture to put them off poultry (amazing photo)reddit
Pentagon to deploy 20,000 troops on US soilreddit
20081201FCC Considering Free Internet For USASlashdot
20081201Cost-Conscious Companies Turn To Open SourceSlashdot
20081201Yahoo?s Top Searches For 2008 Are . . . The Same As They Were For 2007TechCrunch
20081201UK startups start their cull: Trutap reduced to skeletonTechCrunch
2008121The Future Car - Hydrogen-powered... Skateboard?Newsvine
2008121Report: More Employees Visiting Porn Sites At WorkNewsvine
20081201A Design for Cheaper Wind Power Technology Review
20081201Making an Old Brain YoungTechnology Review
20081201Managing your MP3s with ZinaNewsForge
20081201Recent Firefox extensions for tab addictsNewsForge
20081201Death and taxes in virtual worldsc|net
20081201Clearwire-Sprint Nextel unveils new brandc|net
20081128Cyber Monday: Click Till You Dropnpr
20081128Technology Helps Speed Mumbai Web Call-In Shownpr
20081201EU to search out cyber criminalsBBC
20081201Web searches feed health fearsBBC
20081201Hoping to Draw Market Share With Touch ScreensNew York Times
20081130Facebook Aims to Extend Its Reach Across the WebNew York Times
20081130 Fast Forward's Help File washingtonpost
20081130 Cheating Scandals Raise New Questions about Honesty, Security of Internet Gambling washingtonpost
Cyber Monday? Meh.csmonitor
Writers strike out on their own with a websitecsmonitor
20081110Bay Area MEMS Journal CLUB (BAMJC): MEMS and Bio-Sensing at SRIPARC
20081119PARC Forum: Cloud computingPARC
20081126Embedded Computing for the Rest of us: Project Sun SPOTSun Research
20081120Project Darkstar Interview with David JurgensSun Research
20081125Microsoft Examines Causes of ?Cyberchondria?Microsoft Research
20070523100 Percent Lead-Free 45nm Hi-k from Intel CorporationIntel Research
20070426Intel® QuickAssist TechnologyIntel Research

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