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20080810Card-counting whiz eyes Facebook football fantasy (AP)
20080811Review: Online Olympics is ambitious, but not TV (AP)
The BPM and SOA marriage GCN
Spy vs. spy on display at State GCN
20080811Also in the News: Airport scans raise privacy issuesFCW
20080811Also in the News: Georgia under 'full-scale' cyber assaultFCW
Long Live the LiverScience/AAAS
Visible Light Enters the Bizarro WorldScience/AAAS
20070530Skimmed milk, Straight from cowdigg
20070530World's largest MP3 store launchesdigg
20080812Damnit America: you don't have to like or vote for Obama, but if you support that corrupt air head McCain after 8 years of Bush bullshit then you are a goddamn idiotreddit
20080812In 1969, a 14-year-old snuck into John Lennon's hotel room in Toronto and convinced John to do an interview about peace. This is the interview.reddit
20080812Massive VMware Bug Shuts Systems DownSlashdot
20080812What Should I Do With My Tech Junk?Slashdot
20080812The Much Anticipated DataCase Launches: Turn the iPhone Into A Wireless DriveTechCrunch
20080812MOG Launches Ad Network, Rick Rubin Joins BoardTechCrunch
20080812How to be a Successful Journalist With No Prior ExperienceNewsvine
20080812Sony confirms shift to single PS3 modelNewsvine
20080812Commanding Your Browser Technology Review
20080812RNAi Drug for Cholesterol Technology Review
20080812Queuing tasks for batch execution with Task SpoolerNewsForge
20080811Business combats network management woes with open source GroundWorkNewsForge
20080812Measuring social networks' popularity by regionc|net
20080812Google's Keyczar designed to make cryptography easierc|net
20080812Live From Beijing: Computer-Enhanced Fireworksnpr
20080811'Marketplace' Report: The Olympic Coverage Contest npr
20080811'Pump and Dump' conmen targetedBBC
20080811Invisibility cloak 'step closer'BBC
20080812Global Trail of an Online Crime RingNew York Times
20080812Bits: Georgia Takes a Beating in the Cyberwar With RussiaNew York Times
20080812 Some Web Firms Say They Track Behavior Without Explicit Consent washingtonpost
20080811 An Online Brokerage Taps Into Cause-Committed Investors washingtonpost
20080811Engage the cloaking devicecsmonitor
20080811Forces collidingcsmonitor
20080728BayCHI: Monthly Program MeetingPARC
20080728Silicon Valley Photovoltaics Society (SVPVS): Solar Power: Venture Capital and Growing Solar to Utility ScalePARC
20080811Contrarian Minds: Ken Russell - Plug in NowSun Research
20080811Maxine: Sun's new research VM written in the Java languageSun Research
20080804Instant-Messagers Really Are About Six Degrees from Kevin BaconMicrosoft Research
20080310Live Labs' Jeff Weir wins South by Southwest Web AwardMicrosoft Labs
20070523100 Percent Lead-Free 45nm Hi-k from Intel CorporationIntel Research
20070426Intel® QuickAssist TechnologyIntel Research

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