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20071122Bangor: Orono native maps Bangor's open spacesBlinkGeo
20071120Google Maps Mania: France: 24 New Google Maps Mashups!BlinkGeo
11:42:45USGS Examines Importance of Water Budgets in Addressing Water Availability ConcernsUSGS
2:01:23Access Historical Instantaneous Streamflow Data with the New USGS Online DatabaseUSGS
News: TRMM Turns TenNASA
20071121ISS Crew Sends Thanksgiving MessageNASA
20071023Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Adds Microsoft as Principal MemberOGC
20071017The OGC Announces Geospatial Data Quality SurveyOGC
19700101ESRI and Hart InterCivic GIS Election ManagementGeoConnexion
19700101Hexagon invests in distribution channel in IndiaGeoConnexion
20071122All you need to know before buying a large format scanner for CAD!GISCafe
20071122ArcGIS Online Is Helping GIS Users Be Productive—Everywhere (ArcNews Online)GISCafe
20071114Cary and Associates Revamps Web SiteGeospatial Solutions
20071114GeoEye Foundation Donates Imagery to Conservation Groups for Monitoring GorillasGeospatial Solutions
Safe Software's Take on SQL Server 2008Directions Magazine
Microsoft Readies SQL Server CTP-5 with Spatial Datatype SupportLocation Intelligence
20071119GIS Best Practices: Financial ServicesESRI
20071119ESRI and Hart InterCivic to Offer GIS-Based Election Management SolutionsESRI
20071121Urban planning's worst enemy explains his position - The News-PressPlanningNewsVote
20071119Will Games Impact Surpass Inconvenient Truth? - Dot Earth - Climate Change and Sustainability - New York Times BlogPlanningNewsVote

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20071121Facebook users complain of new tracking (AP)
20071121Review: Amazon reader needs more juice (AP)
Training the hands for disaster recovery GCN
Fastest thumb in the East GCN
20070926DISA on the lookout for unknown technologiesFCW
20070925Air Force names Lord to lead Cyber CommandFCW
Lyme disease's Unusual SuspectsScience/AAAS
Odd Little StarsScience/AAAS
Thu ov2250-year-old fire put outnature
Thu ov22Schr�dinger's kittens enter the classical worldnature
20070530Skimmed milk, Straight from cowdigg
20070530World's largest MP3 store launchesdigg
20071122Vote up if you're checking reddit instead of spending time with your familyreddit
20071123Tell Reddit: Can you please fix the hidden comment function? Hiding a -5 comment is good, a whole thread because of one comment is bad. Vote up if you agree.reddit
20071123Apple, Burst Reach SettlementSlashdot
20071123Guitar Hero Maker Sued - Cover Song Too AwesomeSlashdot
20071123Google Maps Street View Heads OverseasTechCrunch
20071123Social Actions Aggregates P2P Fundraising EffortsTechCrunch
20071122We Knew This Was Going To Happen: iPhone Equipped Passenger Takes On Flight Crew Over WeatherNewsvine
20071122Touched by the ZuneNewsvine
20071121Tryptophan, Turkey and TrustTechnology Review
20071121Targeting Mobile AdsTechnology Review
20071122Giving thanks for a long weekendNewsForge
20071122Play Pac-man (and more!) on your PCNewsForge
20071122Samsung to invest $2.2 billion on LCD expansionc|net
20071122Rumor: News Corp. in buyout talks with LinkedInc|net
20071121Helium Shortage Spikes Prices, Calls for U.S. Helpnpr
20071120Pluses and Minuses of Apple's Leopardnpr
20071122Amazon Kindle sells out on debutBBC
20071123Young warned over social websitesBBC
20071123Spanish Civil War, This Time Fought in PixelsNew York Times
20071123Plumber?s ProgressNew York Times
20071123 Google Lets Users Fine-Tune Its Maps washingtonpost
20071123 Cellphone Tracking Powers on Request washingtonpost
Whose rules apply to the Web?csmonitor
U.S. girds for battle with computer 'botnets'csmonitor
20071118a-Si approach beats the temperature challenge (Laser Focus World)PARC
20071118Smart Phone Suggests Things to Do (Technology Review)PARC
20071120Sun building collaborative, virtual world for teleworkersSun Research
20071110Virtual WorkspacesSun Research
20071115Scientists Create Harry Potter-Style Clock That Tracks Family MembersMicrosoft Research
20071026Live Labs is on the MapMicrosoft Labs
20070523100 Percent Lead-Free 45nm Hi-k from Intel CorporationIntel Research
20070426Intel® QuickAssist TechnologyIntel Research

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