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20071119China not fighting off e-waste nightmare (AP)
20071118America ships electronic waste overseas (AP)
Data you don't want out gets out anyway GCN
The 10 percent rule of system upgrades GCN
20070926DISA on the lookout for unknown technologiesFCW
20070925Air Force names Lord to lead Cyber CommandFCW
American Rice: Out of AfricaScience/AAAS
Shrewd Snake Savors Deadly MealScience/AAAS
20070530Skimmed milk, Straight from cowdigg
20070530World's largest MP3 store launchesdigg
20071119A tale of Animal Crossing (comic)reddit
20071119Texas church cancels Interfaith Thanksgiving dinner when it realizes that muslims were to be a part of the gathering - then they ask for everyone to be tolerant of their intolerance. reddit
2007111990% of IT Professionals Don't Want VistaSlashdot
20071119THG Labs In Depth With AMD SpiderSlashdot
20071119Senator Edwards: Defender Of Net Neutrality And Open Spectrum AllocationsTechCrunch
20071119Whip Out The Tinfoil Hats, The iPhone Phones HomeTechCrunch
20071119Suspect Detained in YouTube Video ThreatNewsvine
20071119Why I still Love my iPhone, and what I Don'tNewsvine
20071119A Wiring Diagram of the BrainTechnology Review
20071119Superstrong Carbon-Nanotube FibersTechnology Review
20071119Supercharging package management with yum plugins and utilitiesNewsForge
20071116Gosh, gOS is goodNewsForge
20071119Samsung's SGH-A747 SLM makes its debutc|net
20071119Software-licensing costs predicted to fallc|net
20071119Netflix Contest Has Algorithm 'Geeks' Doing the Mathnpr
20071116Phones of the Future and Google's Cell Debutnpr
20071119Amazon to show e-book deviceBBC
20071119Sony cuts game designers' pricesBBC
20071119A Guerrilla Video Site Meets MTVNew York Times
20071119After Global Agreement, Companies May Bid Higher at Wireless Auction in U.S.New York Times
20071119 An Engineer Does the Math So Troops in Iraq Can Find Bombs washingtonpost
20071119 State Dept. Tries Blog Diplomacy washingtonpost
U.S. girds for battle with computer 'botnets'csmonitor
Progress on 'collapsing' beehivescsmonitor
20071118a-Si approach beats the temperature challenge (Laser Focus World)PARC
20071118Smart Phone Suggests Things to Do (Technology Review)PARC
20071110Virtual WorkspacesSun Research
20071109More Info on the Sun Darkstar MPK20 ProjectSun Research
20071115Scientists Create Harry Potter-Style Clock That Tracks Family MembersMicrosoft Research
20071026Live Labs is on the MapMicrosoft Labs
20070523100 Percent Lead-Free 45nm Hi-k from Intel CorporationIntel Research
20070426Intel® QuickAssist TechnologyIntel Research

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