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20070518Scientists try again to lure whales - Houston Chronicle
20070518FCC Approves iPhone - PC World
20070518Uruguay children try low-cost laptops (AP)
20070518Microsoft pays $6B for online ad company (AP)
What you see is not all of what you get GCN
Microsoft adds it up GCN
20070518House seeks speedy delivery of defense ITFCW
20070518OPM cuts clearance processing time; DOD partner begs for fundsFCW
West Nile Hammers U.S. BirdsScience/AAAS
Don't Bet on the Bloomin' PlanktonScience/AAAS
20070516Health chequesnature
20070516United Nations shelves action on indoor hazardsnature
20070519A Solar Aircraft With Flapping Wings (The Bird Plane) + Videodigg
20070519YouTube's Co-Founders Challenge the Pentagondigg
20070518 Mom Makes Daughter Who Bullied Hold A Poster In Front of Schools (w/ Pic)reddit
20070518 [PIC] Famous Confusing Bathroom Signs Forced To Be Taken Downreddit
20070518Netflix Sued Over Fradulently Obtained PatentsSlashdot
20070518Modern Medicine Might Have Saved LincolnSlashdot
20070518Amateur Sports Management Meets Web 2.0: TeamSnapTechCrunch
20070518Microsoft Launches Popfly: Mashup App Creator Built On SilverlightTechCrunch
20070518Microsoft Pays $6B for Online Ad CompanyNewsvine
20070518Uruguay Children Try Low-Cost LaptopsNewsvine
20070518Internet Increasingly CensoredTechnology Review
20070518A Key Change for Mobile PhonesTechnology Review
20070518OSS is the right solution for Voicelink CommunicationsNewsForge
20070518Red Hat releases free replacements for Windows core fontsNewsForge
20070518Quantifying Microsoft's biggest purchase everc|net
20070518Podcast: What's behind Microsoft's Aquantive grab?c|net
20070517Microsoft Royalty Claims Help Fuel Patent Backlognpr
20070517'Marketplace' Report: Digital Rights Managementnpr
20070518Global net censorship 'growing'BBC
20070518Yahoo 'censored' Flickr commentsBBC
20070518Microsoft to Buy Online Ad CompanyNew York Times
20070518In Game of Games, Wii Outshoots PlayStationNew York Times
20070518 Military Says Bandwidth Alone Forced Web-Site Blocking washingtonpost
20070518 A Little E-Mail Prank, And a $2.8 Billion Panic washingtonpost
Small particles' big impact on climatecsmonitor
On the horizon: news from the frontiers of sciencecsmonitor

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