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º Pioneer US Astronaut Schirra Dies at 84 - Voice of America -
º Farewell Yahoo Photos - Washington Post -
º Yahoo to shut down Yahoo Photos service, push Flickr (Reuters) -
º Microsoft eyeing deal to buy Yahoo: reports (Reuters) -
º Could Unix happen today? - GCN
º You got your folksonomy in my ontology! - GCN
º GAO: Census needs to update management of temp workers - FCW
º GSA program offers latest in satellite services - FCW
º Sugar and Sperm Don't Mix - Science/AAAS
º No More Mad Mice - Science/AAAS
º Genes come alive with the sound of music - nature
º Infections may trigger metal allergies - nature
º Distinguishing Science and Pseudoscience - digg
º AACS LA: Internet "revolt" be damned, this fight is not over - digg
º  What did the architect smoke? [Pics] - reddit
º  Costco is Selling Mexican Coke! - reddit
º Vista Eating Battery Life - Slashdot
º Cooler Silicon Lasers Via Energy Harvesting - Slashdot
º Microsoft pursues Yahoo! takeover - TechCrunch
º YouTube Launches Revenue Sharing Partners Program, but no Pre-Rolls - TechCrunch
º Reports: Microsoft Pursuing Yahoo - Newsvine
º Yahoo Jumps on Talk of Microsoft Deal - Newsvine
º Better Catalysts for Fuel Cells - Technology Review
º Gene Variant Linked to Heart Disease - Technology Review
º Rosie's blog builders say it's all about community - NewsForge
º Metasploit 3.0 doesn't pwn systems, black hats pwn systems - NewsForge
º Security Bites Podcast: Is your car spying on you? - c|net
º Scottish e-counting under scrutiny in election mess - c|net
º Tweens Offer Next Big Target for Cell Phone Sales - npr
º Microsoft, British Library Plan E-Mail Archive - npr
º DRM group vows to fight bloggers - BBC
º Firms hit rivals with web attacks - BBC
º Vonage Is Dealt Setback in Patent Case - New York Times
º Basics: Small and Smaller - New York Times
º  Bush Wants Phone Firms Immune to Privacy Suits - washingtonpost
º  Verizon Vote on Pay Too Close to Call - washingtonpost
º Monitor follow-up: New Mexico coal plant set back - csmonitor
º A crack in the Microsoft fortress? - csmonitor

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