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º Space pioneer Wally Schirra dies at 84 - Reuters.uk -
º Steve Jobs promises a “Greener” Apple - TG Daily -
º Court denies Vonage bid for patent case retrial (Reuters) -
º RIM courts broader market with BlackBerry Curve (Reuters) -
º You got your folksonomy in my ontology! - GCN
º Can you count on your BlackBerry? - GCN
º GAO: Census needs to update management of temp workers - FCW
º GSA program offers latest in satellite services - FCW
º Sugar and Sperm Don't Mix - Science/AAAS
º No More Mad Mice - Science/AAAS
º Genes come alive with the sound of music - nature
º Infections may trigger metal allergies - nature
º Duck Genitals Locked in Arms Race - digg
º MySpace: No Gays for a Day - digg
º  Idiot gets a tattoo depicting The Key (you know the one) - reddit
º  Non-Commercial Guerrilla Advertisements That Blow My Mind [PICS] - reddit
º RIAA Backs Down Again in Chicago - Slashdot
º Miguel Plans Silverlight on Mono & Linux by Years End - Slashdot
º 45% of Europeans watch TV online - TechCrunch
º Frengo Raises $5.7 Million Series A Round - TechCrunch
º Belgian Newspapers Return to Google - Newsvine
º Reports: Southern China TV Hijacked - Newsvine
º Listening to a Fetus's Heartbeat - Technology Review
º Social Networking for Dogs - Technology Review
º Digipup: A Linux live CD for amateur radio - NewsForge
º Introduction to UML - NewsForge
º Microsoft's latest spin on Web apps - c|net
º Senate committee OKs bills on personal data breaches - c|net
º Sites Publish Copy-Protection Code - npr
º 'Marketplace' Report: World Economy - npr
º Snowflakes promise faster chips - BBC
º Pandora to block non-US listeners - BBC
º Basics: Small and Smaller - New York Times
º In Web Uproar, Antipiracy Code Spreads Wildly - New York Times
º  Personal Tech - washingtonpost
º  Post-Merger Problems Catch Up With Sprint - washingtonpost
º Monitor follow-up: New Mexico coal plant set back - csmonitor
º A crack in the Microsoft fortress? - csmonitor

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