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º Google denies allegations from Viacom - San Francisco Chronicle -
º Microsoft Beefing Up Web Infrastructure - PC World -
º Google responds to Viacom's YouTube suit (AP) -
º VeriSign to offer passwords on bank card (AP) -
º You got your folksonomy in my ontology! - GCN
º Can you count on your BlackBerry? - GCN
º AHIC works to expand boundaries of remote care - FCW
º FEMA plays catch-up on IT infrastructure - FCW
º Small Organism, No Small Feat - Science/AAAS
º The Handy Way of Speaking - Science/AAAS
º Critics pan timid European response to TeGenero disaster - nature
º Cimzia's setback paves way for other TNF inhibitors in Crohn's disease - nature
º Old people's brains are hardwired to get scammed - digg
º eBay Launches âToGoâ Widgets For Any Listing - digg
º  Hello, new Redditors. Your elder Redditors would appreciate it if you would use proper grammar, capitalization, and spelling. - reddit
º  Detailed account of how the processing key 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0 to circumvent DVD DRM was found. - reddit
º Businesses Scramble To Stay Out of Google Hell - Slashdot
º U.S. Puts 12 Nations On Watch For Piracy - Slashdot
º Google Fails To Blink - TechCrunch
º Silverlight: The Web Just Got Richer - TechCrunch
º TurboExcel Becomes Calc4Web - Newsvine
º VeriSign to Offer Passwords on Bank Card - Newsvine
º Color-Editing for Dummies - Technology Review
º Better Touch Screens for Mobile Phones - Technology Review
º OpenOffice.org Password Cracker is what you make of it - NewsForge
º Car dealership uses Asterisk VoIP to stay on "cutting edge" - NewsForge
º Dell picks Ubuntu for Linux PCs - c|net
º Earnings alert: BEA lowers outlook - c|net
º High-Court Deals Blow to Patent Holders - npr
º 'Marketplace' Report: Microsoft Patent Dispute - npr
º Motion-sensitive laptop developed - BBC
º Personal touch to Google homepage - BBC
º Google Calls Viacom Suit on YouTube Unfounded - New York Times
º Costs and Divestitures Cut Verizon's Profit - New York Times
º  Rulings Weaken Patents' Power - washingtonpost
º  Sexual Threats Stifle Some Female Bloggers - washingtonpost
º Guardian of Earth's treasure trove of trees - csmonitor
º Scientists look closely and find metal putty and cleaner cement - csmonitor

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