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Vodafone rings Google Maps [Topic Replies:: 0]user contributed
FOSS4G 2007 Conference [Topic Replies:: 0]user contributed
20070810Industry: Applied Geography & Spatial Sciences, Cartography ... - DirectionsMag.com (press release)
20070810Pakistan : MS GIS and RS at University of Karachi - Tendersinfo (subscription) (press release)
11:18:06Tree Deaths in California’s Sierra Nevada Increase as Temperatures RiseUSGS
10:10:14USGS at Ecological Society of America: From Global Forest Die-Backs to Restoration in the USAUSGS
News: Space-Borne Sensors Help Africa Tackle Water Shortage ProblemsNASA
20070809NASA Requests Proposals for Ares I Mobile LauncherNASA
20070809The OGC Announces Transducer Markup Language (TML) SpecificationOGC
20070807Charles Roswell Receives OGC Lifetime Achievement AwardOGC
19700101Septentrio opens US OfficeGeoConnexion
19700101ITC Offer SDI Workshop at African ESRI ConferenceGeoConnexion
20070810New Urban Research, Inc. Announces Mapping Georgia Communities GIS and Analysis WorkshopsGISCafe
20070810GeoLytics releases Business Demographics 2007 Version 3.0 with 2005 Business CensusGISCafe
20070810Big Assets, Big DataGeospatial Solutions
20070808Cities Revealed Thermal Mapping Analyzes Energy LossGeospatial Solutions
Wiped Off the Map - Greensburg, KansasDirections Magazine
Wiped Off the Map - Greensburg, KansasLocation Intelligence
20070809ESRI Releases its 100th Speaker Series PodcastESRI
20070809New Instructional Series Podcast: Best Practices: Loading Raster Data into an Enterprise GeodatabaseESRI

• Science & Technology::
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20070811NASA fears fallen ice gouged shuttle shield - Globe and Mail
20070809NOAA predicts fewer tropical storms this season - Bizjournals.com
20070811'Second Life' sex machine spawns lawsuit (AP)
20070811Google to stop Web video rentals, sales (AP)
Marching towards petascale computing GCN
Mass retreat? GCN
20070810Citizen adoption of e-gov is key to saving moneyFCW
20070810Company to help LA move digital filesFCW
Come Shine, Come RainScience/AAAS
Mmm ... DoughnutsScience/AAAS
20070810The best is the enemy of the good nature
20070810Rising temperatures "will stunt rainforest growth"nature
20070530Skimmed milk, Straight from cowdigg
20070530World's largest MP3 store launchesdigg
20070810 Why you shouldn't make your glass fronted building shaped like a parabolic mirror [PIC]reddit
20070810 Is that the same Dick Cheney?reddit
20070811The Heretical Freeman DysonSlashdot
20070811Gouge Found on Shuttle Endeavour's UndersideSlashdot
20070811Texty: Dead Simple Content Creation And EditingTechCrunch
20070811Google Closes Video Marketplace; Users Out Of LuckTechCrunch
20070810Google Rolls Out Paid Storage ServicesNewsvine
20070810Google Key to Latest ITunes ChallengeNewsvine
20070810Preventing Another Space Shuttle DisasterTechnology Review
20070810The Rise of the NetjockeyTechnology Review
20070725Ubuntu Studio supports serious audio, adds little for video and graphicsNewsForge
20070724eyeOS: A genuine Web OSNewsForge
20070810This Week in Social Media: Murders and Executions Editionc|net
20070810Home at lastc|net
20070809Could Robots Replace Humans in Mines?npr
20070809Making a Mark with Rockets and Roadstersnpr
20070810Government 'must act on e-crime'BBC
20070811Nasa detects space shuttle damageBBC
20070810Universal Music Will Sell Songs Without Copy ProtectionNew York Times
20070810Deal to Simplify the Business of Implanted Identity ChipsNew York Times
20070810 Google to Stop Web Video Rentals, Sales washingtonpost
20070810 Yahoo's President Snaps Up $1.1 Million in Stock washingtonpost
A quest to save South America's freshwater dolphinscsmonitor
On the horizon: News from the frontiers of sciencecsmonitor
AugSolar start-up SolFocus buys sun-tracking companyPARC
20070730Xerox Receives National Medal of TechnologyPARC
20070809A Gateway for Hackers - The Security Threat in the New Wiretapping LawSun Research
20070806Making IT Work For WomenSun Research
20070723Bush Advisers Try to Fix Tech PolicyMicrosoft Research
20070806Rocket Science. Synthing the Space ShuttleMicrosoft Labs
20070523100 Percent Lead-Free 45nm Hi-k from Intel CorporationIntel Research
20070426Intel® QuickAssist TechnologyIntel Research

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