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Submit an essay describing your purpose and skillset along with a volunteer project that you would like to manage. On joining, you would have reliable web access to selected opensource technology.
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• "AW" [used to express mild disappointment, gentle entreaty, or real or mock sympathy or sentiment]+Knowledge- a medical database for private academic use, an outcome of a game of Scrabble::
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• UNIX pattern-matching language for text-manipulation developed by Alfred Aho, Peter Weinberger and Brian Kernighan. It is said to be more powerful than either GREP or SED. Its GNU version is called GAWK. This site however gladly uses PHP and MySQL's Boolean Search for AWK::

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Area of Speciality >> Specialist or Subspecialist Area of Speciality >> Specialist or Subspecialist
Allergies Allergist Internal Medicine Internist
Anesthesia Anesthesiologist Kidneys Nephrologist
Arthritis Rheumatologist Lungs Pulmonary Specialist
Blood Hematologist Medical Genetics Clinical Geneticist
Brain and Nervous System Neurologist Musculoskeletal Surgery Orthopaedic Surgeon
Cancer Oncologist Neurological Surgery Neurosurgeon
Colon and Rectal Surgery Colon and Rectal Surgeon Nuclear Medicine Nuclear Medicine Specialist
Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Plastic Surgeon Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physiatrist
Diseases in General Pathologist Prenatal Care and Childbirth Obstetrician
Emergency Medicine Emergency Physician Preventive Medicine Occupational Specialist
Eyes Ophthalmologist Psychiatric Medicine Psychiatrist
Family Practice Family Practitioner Senior Care Geriatric Specialist
Female Reproductive System Gynecologist Skin Dermatologist
Glands and Metabolism Endocrinologist Stomach and Intestine Gastroenterologist
Head and Neck Surgery Otolaryngologist Surgery Surgeon
Heart Cardiologist Surgery of the Chest Thoracic Surgeon
Infants and Children Pediatrician Urinary Tract and Prostate Urologist
    X Rays Radiologist

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